Decoupaged Candle


Difficulty level: Easy

A quick, easy way to decorate a craft is with decoupage, a technique used to glue paper onto a surface for a stained glass look. I bought a clear glass candle jar and pretty snowflake tissue paper to make a decoupaged candle for my grandma.

First, you need to make the glue to stick the paper onto the glass. Some people prefer to buy Mod Podge at their local craft store but I have found that mixing glue and water at a ratio of 2:1 is just as effective and much less expensive.


The, cut 1-inch squares of tissue paper to cover the surface of your craft.


Using a paint brush, apply the glue onto a small section of the glass jar.


Place a single square of tissue paper on the jar and brush another layer of glue over the paper. IMG_0043 IMG_0044

Continue this process until the entire jar is covered.


Once all the glue is dried, hot glue a piece of ribbon around the top half of the jar.


Finally, use hot glue to attach a bow at the seam.

My final candle.

My final candle.


How To Tie A Bow


Difficulty level: Easy

Knowing how to tie a ribbon bow is something that is surprisingly difficult for crafters of all expertise levels. I found a Pinterest-perfect bow and was able to duplicate it with these steps.

First, cut a ribbon of 13 inches.


Then, fold the ribbon into thirds.


Cross the right loop over the left loop.


Continue folding the loop under and pull tight.

IMG_0049  IMG_0050

Adjust the loops and tug on the bow strings until center is tight and the bow is at your desired size.


Make two diagonal cuts at the ends of the strings and have fun decorating your next craft with a cute ribbon bow.


My final bow

Craft Supplies


Paint pens and glue guns and sponges, oh my!

This week I will be sharing some of my favorite crafting supplies I always make sure I have stocked in my room. These are items that are versatile and worth the splurge if you are planning on becoming an avid crafter, like myself.

Acrylic paint

When it comes to acrylic, my motto is “just buy it.” I use acrylic paint for every craft I do, whether it’s canvas or cardboard or wood. So when I’m at the store deciding between two colors, I just get both, because I know I will use them at some point. My favorite brands are Liquitex and FolkArt.



I keep every piece of scrap ribbon I find. Even if it is 2 inches, it could come in handy for the next bow or canvas you craft. Take advantage of the cheap ribbon near the cash registers at craft stores. I almost always pick up a spool of ribbon for a dollar as an impulse buy. Also, Christmas is coming up so don’t throw away the bows your relatives took the time to wrap up your gifts with.


Paint pens

When I did my first craft, I thought I would be able to use a black Sharpie marker to trace the letters on the canvas, and boy was I wrong. It looked cheap and thin. So when I went over it again with a nice, black paint pen, the craft was much better. I suggest picking up paint pens in black and white for sure, and it wouldn’t hurt getting one or two in a color you commonly use.


Hot glue/ Mod Podge

The hot glue might be obvious to some but you would be surprised at how many people try to attach ribbon to a Mason Jar with Elmer’s glue. It’s just not going to work if you want it to last more than a day. I am also a huge fan of Mod Podge. This magical adhesive can glue paper to multiple surfaces without it wrinkling and it dries clear. Just be sure to apply it with a sponge brush.



OK, I might have more glitter than the average person needs, but I can give a solid argument for every rhinestone or glitter glue I own. In my experience, every craft looks better with a little sparkle. The trick is just to know when to stop, which is hard for me sometimes. But if you aren’t a glitterholic like myself, I do suggest at least getting clear rhinestones and fine craft glitter you can sprinkle over your creations. It’s a necessity, I promise.


Treasure Box


Difficulty level: Easy

One of my favorite things I received last year at my sorority initiation was my Theta memory box. I use it to hold precious hand-written letters and other mementos. I was very excited to make my little one for herself this week. I bought a wooden treasure chest, acrylic paint, glitter glue and wooden trinkets to decorate the box with.


First, paint the box with a metallic purple. This may take several coats, depending on the paint color. Take the time to paint in-between the wooden panels on the lid of the treasure chest so the cracks are uniform with the rest of the box. Leave the lid open while the paint is drying or else, it will seal the chest shut.


Then paint the small KAO and Faith, Hope, Love decorations yellow and top them with gold glitter glue.


After waiting an hour for the glitter to dry, hot glue the decorations onto the treasure box.


Now that you are done, fill the chest with fun souvenirs and memories from your time in college.

My handmade treasure chest

My handmade memory box

Sorority Letters


Difficulty level: Medium

As any sorority girl would know, having a little is a crafter’s dream. It is the perfect excuse to spend way too much money at Hobby Lobby and glitter anything in sight. So when it came to making my little her first pair of sorority letters for her wall, I did my research. Pinterest is filled with many different creative ideas of how to decorate wooden letters and I couldn’t decide on just one, so I combined my favorite examples for a completely unique look.


First, get cardboard letters to spell out the initials of your sorority.  Paint the A and the outer edges of the other letters a metallic purple. Apply three coats of paint to avoid streaks.


When the paint dries, set the letters upside-down on the back of pretty scrapbook paper and traced around the edges.


After very carefully cutting out the letters, use Modge Podge to glue down the paper. Make sure to line the paper up with the edges of the letters perfectly so it looks neat. Repeat this with the last letter and you will be done within 20 minutes.


This is a great craft because it can be personalized to any sorority or simply initials of a name.

Here is the pin that inspired me to Mod Podge my own letters found at

Here is the pin that inspired me to Mod Podge my own letters found at

Mason Jar


Difficulty level: Easy

I was still in the fall spirit this week when I sat down to search for a new craft on Pinterest. Ideally, I wanted to use the left-over supplies I had from my fall wreath to make something new, and I was able to do just that when I found another Mason jar craft.

I used the last of my burlap to wrap a Mason jar in the fabric. Fold the burlap in half so that it doesn’t cover the entire jar and secure it with hot glue.


Cut an oval out of a fun piece of scrap paper and glue that to the center of the Mason jar.


Next, use a black paint pen (something that every crafter should own) to write your initial on the oval. You may have to trace it several times for it to be dark enough.


Finally, decorate the jar with whatever you have around the dorm. I used a leftover bouquet of fake fall leaves from my last craft to dress up the Mason jar even more. I cut the most colorful leaves and glued them on to the jar, surrounding the golden initial, and I was done. This was probably my simplest craft yet and I already have requests for more personalized Mason jars from other friends.

My final product

My final product

Remember to comment if you have any suggestions on what craft I should do next!